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Welcome to Dawn Revenge! 

About us!

We are a raiding guild on Azjol-Nerub server looking to put together an epic raiding team full of humouress and hard working members so we all get the best gear in the game as well a getting achievements rare mounts while having a good time and laughing while doing so! The guild was created a couple of month ago in 2011 at first we were a social guild working together to get 359 gear which at the time was the best now a new expansion is out and now deathwing can bow at our feet so we can now get 397 gear and hope to strive and become the number 1 rated guild while having a good time 

What we want from you:

We do not want much all we ask for is that you abide by the rules that have been set for raids so there is no drama and conflict within the guild so its a nice calm atmosphere for fun gaming and having a good time

What Benefits you get from us:

If you don't have the required raid Item level that is no problem if you are 85 and are item level 333 we are willing to help you out to get 380 gear so you can do the raids with us as well as being able to repair your gear with our guild repair function 

Our Victorys In Raids:
Interested in joing Dawn Revenge?

Did you see our shout in stormwind? then head on over to our forum recruitment page read the rules and answer the following questions thank you and please make sure you make an application form and read the raiding guild rules for a nice care free easy raiding day to get the best gear we possibly can!

Thank you for visiting the Dawn Revenge Website and joining us your going to have a great time full of
 memories and laughter! 

Our Raid Progress:
We are 8/8 On 10-Man DS
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ChaosEmbrace, Jan 27, 12 11:24 AM.
What do you think of the new patches! hate them? love them? don't care? tell the guild your views and opinions! 
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